so many dishes could use a little bit of this

the wall street journal | APRIL 25, 2019

A sprinkle of furikake brings a hint of crunch and a boost of savory flavor to any food crying out to be cranked up a notch.

the power of sour

the wall street journal | march 15, 2018

Why you should be cooking with sour beer.

book report: victuals

the washington post | august 30, 2016

Ronni Lundy’s new book is a love letter to Appalachia with recipes.

pizza from the grain up

the new york times | april 25, 2016

At All Souls Pizza in Asheville, N.C., the star of the pies is the crust.

THe ultimate holiday cookie plate

the wall street journal | december 10, 2015

You don't have to bake a dozen different kinds of cookies this season These are the only four recipes you need to deliver all the spice and sparkle of the season (without sapping your spirit.)

is garbage the new kale?

the wall street journal | may 22, 2015

Chefs are going out of their way to use everything that comes into their kitchens -- including parts of the vegetables formerly destined for the trash heap.

a dab of n'duja makes all the difference

the wall street journal | july 22, 2015

Fire up the flavor in all sorts of dishes with a schmear of ‘nduja, Italy’s spreadable spicy sausage. It’s a game-changer in these recipes for an eye-opening breakfast sandwich and amped-up linguine with clams.

pulling together real stracciatella

the new york times | august 14, 2012

Introducing stracciatella, the new “it” cheese, which provides the wow factor of burrata, but is far easier (and less expensive) to make.