What’s in a name? Big Meat is about to find out

washington post | february 20, 2019

“Real” meat is trying to protect its (sort of) good name from new competition.

some food stamp recipients may lose access to snap

washington post | july 9, 2018

Technical difficulties put low-income shoppers food benefits at risk at farmers markets.

can urban agriculture feed cities?

food + city | november, 2017

As more of the world’s population resides in cities, city farming is touted as a sustainable solution. But are there enough rooftops to make it work?

growing a new organic standard

Stone barns center | may 6, 2016

If you don't change directions, you may never get where you're going. The case for Organic 3.0.

getting real about the food movement

Stone barns center | march 23, 2016

The food movement will never grow big enough big unless we make it easy to join in.

how sell-bys steer us wrong

washington post | september 17, 2012

Use by. Sell by. Doesn't help us get by. Clearer date labels needed to stop food waste.


Washington post | January 22, 2012 

What was missed in the outrage over Paula Deen’s admission that she has Type-2 diabetes was the opportunity for a serious, sensible debate about how we eat. 

Culture clash over local food in appalachia

New york times | july 27, 2011

Steven Hopp, a.k.a. Mr. Barbara Kingsolver, tries to bring locavore dining to Appalachia.


NEW YORK magazine | february 14, 2011 

The federal food policy take aim at the sacred slice — and pick a smart fight. 

go slow foodies it's the way to win

washington post | january 23, 2009

Food reformers want to fix, well, everything. To succeed in Washington, they need to focus their message and their ambitions.