how to do good fat better

the wall street journal, february 28, 2018

Fat is fashionable now, prompting a deluge of ultra-rich dairy products billed as both healthy and delicious. But can you actually have it all?

the problem with meal kits

the wall street journal | august 4, 2017

Meal kits promised to make cooking easy enough that Americans would actually do it. But Americans don’t want to cook and never have.

the future of flavor

stone barns center | september 29, 2016

First, chefs started paying attention to ingredients. Next, they got interested in farmers. Connecting with seed breeders is the natural next step because that is where flavor begins.

WHAT the fattest city in america can teach us about food

knowledge @wharton | february 9, 2016

Brent Cunningham and I discuss what lessons there are to learn from Huntington, WV, once the most unhealthy city in America according to the Centers for Disease Control.

Is grass-fed really better?

New york magazine | may 31, 2015

Not surprisingly, the answer is: It depends.

the good and bad of saving the ugly

stone barns center | august 21, 2015

Saving ugly fruits and vegetables is good for the environment and America's hungry. But does it work for farmers?

local food has been no easy sell in appalachia

new york times | july 26, 2011

Steven Hopp, aka Mr Barbara Kingsolver, dreamed up a local restaurant that would support a small rural community. The only problem was the locals didn’t buy in.