Saving food, one sheet of paper at a time

My latest Smarter Food column in the Washington Post highlights FreshPaper, an innovative new product that helps your produce last longer in the fridge.

FreshPaper looks like small, square paper towels. They are infused with a mixture of organic spices and botanicals that inhibit bacterial and fungal growth and extend the life of quickly perishable produce. One sheet of maple-scented FreshPaper helped my basket of very ripe strawberries last more than a week in the fridge. A sheet tossed into a plastic bag with cilantro helped the herb last about 10 days.

Read all about it and the super-smart 27-year-old who invented it, Kavita Shukla, on the Washington Post. Distribution is ramping up fast. But wherever you are, you can buy it on FreshPaper’s site,

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    I was there with you, until I clicked the link and found each single piece of paper is 50 cents. I’d love to give myself a bit more time, but at that price, I’d rather keep doing what I do now: cook or freeze produce I won’t use right away.

    Nice idea, but if you use one with every single produce item you buy, it’s going to add up quickly; I could see where we’d need 6 or so sheets in the fridge right now – in many cases it may cost more than just buying new produce and composting the spoilage.

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