a grownup’s guide to fast fine dining

the wall street journal | june 8, 2017

Two non-millennials navigate an emerging dining trend: high end cuisine at minimal prices.

snob appeal

the washington post | august 12, 2009

Why won’t someone knock heirloom tomatoes off their pedestal?

Typos a la carte: ever the specialty of the house

the washington post | june 17, 2008

Most people have a superhero fantasy. In mine, I enter a restaurant, order and sweetly ask the waiter if I can “hold on to the menu” during dinner. Then, using a distinctive purple pen, I copy-edit the descriptions of the dishes. 

let them eat chicken

boston magazine | december, 2008

When Chris Kimball founded Cook’s Illustrated, he broke all the industry rules. Now he’s beating the glossies at their own game. Has his scrappy, undeniably geeky enterprise in Brookline Village come up with a new recipe for successful magazines?